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Welcome to The Moringa Group Affiliate Partner Program! We’re honoured to have you here.

The basic premise of the Affiliate Partner Program is this: when you refer the sale of any The Moringa Group product, using your unique affiliate code, we’ll send you a commission (aka: straight up cash). It’s our gratitude for your enthusiastic support.

This page walks you through your important first steps. Please read all the steps carefully. If you have any questions or we can support you in any way, please write to us at

1-Find your link

To ensure your earnings are being tracked properly, always add your unique affiliate link to every URL you share. The part of the link below that is in bold always needs to be present, otherwise your earnings will not be tracked.

Keep in mind that once someone clicks on your affiliate link, the URL in the address bar will not be visible after they arrive on the page you sent them to.

Grab your unique affiliate link from the top of the main page …………..…

2-Start selling!

Pull out your calendar and make a plan for how and when you’re going to promote each product. Decide when you’d like to send out a blog post, email your list, post graphics to Facebook, share product-themed tweets, etc. The most successful affiliates use a combination of all these things, scheduled over an extended period of time.

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If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program BELOW.

** NOTE: If you are a current customer, please use a different set of username and email to register.

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